Introducing TCI's New Product

The HGL Harmonic Filter

HGL with PQconnect is the first intelligent low capacitance filter to offer harmonic mitigation that automatically detects excess kVAR while also allowing remote monitoring and control.

HGLAs we know, harmonic mitigation is becoming a bigger and bigger part of the buildings we construct today. Harmonics are generated from non-linear loads like VFDs, computer screens and light ballasts and can cause equipment failure, generator failure, a low power factor, etc. Because of these potential issues, it is important that we deal with these excess voltages and currents in order to ensure that our buildings are operating correctly.

TCI’s HGL Harmonic Filter will allow you to not only meet the recommendations outlined in IEEE 519 – 2014, but in most cases exceed them. It will also give you control over your filter that in a way that was previously not available.

Check out the link below for information on TCIs new harmonic filter and contact WRP for additional information!